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On The Fly Computer Guy-My computer broke and it took them a month to fix it.After the first time they "fixed" it,it worked for 5 minutes and died again.I waited another 2 weeks to get it back.And for what they charged,I could have bought a new one.They replaced the motherboard twice and I suspect they screwed up the first time,because the back light in the on button was on when the computer was off,and off when it was turned on.I urge anyone,if you need repairs for your computer,do not call On The Fly Computer Guy.

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On 10/18/09, arranged for computer pick up for service on 10/19/09. Receptionist suggested 3:30 PM pick-up. I urged 4 PM appt. On 10/19, driver arrived at 3:30, rather than 4 PM and then left before I had arrived at 4 PM. I was billed a "No Show", charged $81.23. I phoned - receptionist noted error, told me to disregard bill. I received another invoice, complained. I was invoiced again 12/17 for $86.23, noted error. I was told to pay half in order to see complaint resolved. The driver arrived early; I was on time. I should not be billed as a "No Show"

Above complaint was filed with Better Business Bureau. The President of the company responded:

"I scheduled customer personally. He said he'd be home by 3:30PM, we told him we'd be there by 4PM. We got there between 3:30PM and 4:00PM (as we said we would... we have GPS records to prove it). We waited until almost 4:00PM, when his sister said he would not be home and to leave. I stated our 2 hour cancellation policy to him when we made the appointment. We never told him to disregard the invoice. We told him if he rescheduled the appoinment we could discount the no-show fee or if he wanted to pay half we would credit the other half as a courtesy. He did neither. THAT OFFER STILL STANDS NOW. However, once that invoice hits 90+ days in our system (01/19/10), it will go to collections for the full amount, plus collection fees."

The President, I'm sad to say, lies. I most certainly WAS told that I could...

I posted a rebuttal to the Better Business Bureau:

Mr. Redmond is incorrect. I never once indicated that I would be home by 3:30 PM, as he himself reportedly did acknowledge (according to the receptionist) on the night of 10/19/09.

What I had indicated was that I would be home by 4 PM, and I was. Mr. Redmond, alas, had already left by that time. I have no sister. My one relation residing at that address in question is my brother. Mr. Redmond apparently conversed with my brother's fiancee - who does NOT speak for me.

Mr. Redmond failed to confirm her account, and failed to meet me at the appointed time of 4 PM.

I dispute ANY debt in this capacity. My belief is that it is immoral, and a poor - perhaps criminal- business practice for On The Fly Computer Guy to schedule appointments, arrive early for those appointments, and then leave prior to those appointments all to manufacture scenarios by which they might rob consumers.

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